Monday, August 8, 2011

Tool # 8

I believe that I will enjoy using the Dell 2120 Netbooks.  They are similar to our laptops.  The interesting feature about the Netbook is the webcam capability.   Students can take still photos and record videos.  I also learned that there are a few differences between the netbook and our laptops.  The number locks and cap locks are located at the top right.  The volume and control keys are located at the top left above the keyboard.  I think after a bit of practice I can get the hang of it.  The only problem is that I prefer to use a mouse and not a touch pad.

I have played around a bit with the IPad this summer.  I have created an Itunes account.  I attended the help session with Karen Justl.  I have also learned that the IPad must be synched with the teacher laptop.  I think I will like the Netbook better.

There will need to be very strict guidelines established in the classrooms concerning the use of technology.  First, I must make sure that students and parents have signed the policy statement from the SBISD student handbook.  Since I will probably use the netbooks as part of a group assignment (in stations) the expectations will be reviewed before the assignment can begin.  I like the idea of having a student designated as the "go to" person for each class period to set up the netbooks when they will be used and also be responsible for making sure they are put up after use.  I definitely like the idea of a student "tech expert".  Unfortunately, I am not too computer literate and I will need some assistance. 

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