Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool # 5

I created a cartoon from comix.com on the Gettysburg Address.  It was actually fun and I think the kids would enjoy this activity a lot.  I have included the link to my cartoon in case you want to view it.


I also used ABCya to create this word cloud on the three branches of government. I think my students would enjoy this activity also and it would be a great way to review key vocabulary.  Okay, on to tool #6.

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  1. Hey J.T. - hope this finds you doing well. I liked your comic strip. That site is one I skimmed past and am anxious to go back and review it. There are so many things to pick from. I think my objective will be to pick a few and keep repeating them until the kids and myself get those down, then try to pull in a few others along the way. See you soon!!!!