Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wow, I think I have now completed tool #2.  I posted comments on the blogs of 5 of my fellow teachers.  I visited some of the sites listed in the tool #2 directions.  I visited Technology Integration in Education, Always Learning, The Fischbowl and Technology in the Middle.  I liked Technology in the Middle.  It had a History site where students had posted their work.  I really liked the site where students were epals and communicated with students in other countries.  I could see that as a possibility for use in my class.
These blogs take a lot of time to read and look over.  I have read lots of comments on different blogs but so far have not commented on any except the ones at Spring Oaks.  I am still rather uncomfortable with people everywhere reading my comments, I guess I am just old fashioned and a private person.  Hopefully, I will become more comfortable making comments as the year progresses, I guess I am now ready to move to the next tool.


  1. You ARE ready! Yes, Technology in the Middle is a great site! They do lots of cool collaborative projects across all subject areas!

  2. Hi there - I am just now getting the blog started so am trying to catch up. Are you enjoying what your learning so far? More important, hope you are enjoying your summer!!!